Regrets, I’ve had a few (but these are not among them)

They say you only regret the things you don’t do. That may be true up to a point (who am I to argue with “they”, after all?) but there are some things I’ve never done that I don’t regret at all. It’s good to try new things, but there are some new things I can pretty much determine with no ambiguity whatsoever that I won’t ever enjoy doing (and never would have).

For example:

  • Cocaine
  • Camping out
  • Going to the prom
  • Watching reality shows
  • Hunting and/or fishing
  • Playing little league
  • Living in Florida
  • Voting for a Republican presidential candidate
  • Going to the ballet or the opera
  • Reading Atlas Shrugged
  • Karaoke

Nothing really wrong with most of these things, per se. I just know they’re not my cup of tea, and don’t feel the need to waste time on them.

So what’s on your list?


Regrets, I’ve had a few (but these are not among them) — 2 Comments

  1. A few overlaps:

    Pretty much any synthetic recreational drug, for that matter
    Getting a Grindr account
    The whole routine casual sex thing
    Buying a “smart” phone
    Living in suburbia *and* driving everywhere
    Buying upscale stuff to impress friends/neighbors
    Living in the South (no offense, but I hate hate hate heat and humidity)
    Playing Little League
    Drinking a lot in collegs
    Watching reality shows
    Watching soaps
    Delving into astrology and new age stuff

  2. With you on most of these, though I did drink rather extensively in college and don’t regret it completely (though I do sometimes regret a few decisions I made as a result…)

    And, of course, I spent many years as a fan of casual sex, though I pretty much don’t care now (maybe because casual sex is no longer much of a fan of me…)