I Love Pair

No, really. Pair Networks (based in Pittsburgh, by the way) may be the only company I’ve dealt with in the past decade that has never disappointed me. They are so incredibly amazing that I’m ticked pink to pay a (relatively small) premium to use their web hosting service rather than suffer through the nightmare of some others I’ve dealt with. I’ve been using Pair for more than ten years and the difference between them and other hosts is unbelievable.

Why? Because their service is scalable and user-friendly for techies and non-techies alike. And because they have kick-ass tech support that (a) is completely based in Pittsburgh, (b) is staffed by people who speak English, and (c) exudes competence and is inclined to actually do something when you have a problem rather than just read from a fucking script.

We love yinz guys…

Randomly Sunday

Links, etc.:

  • Great Historicist article on Peter Dickinson who apparently singlehandedly brought modern architecture to Toronto.
  • Here’s some Pittsburgh photography after my own heart.
  • Look. A video for Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train.” I never really knew there was one, and it’s not very good, but EMI is at least possessive enough of it to disable embedding.
  • If you haven’t been following the hubby’s cross-country photo tour, you should start. I’m getting the deluxe edition by email, with updates from each train station and bus stop along the way, but that option isn’t available to the general public. I’m special ‘cuz I put out, I guess.

Bed now. Hopefully, my stomach will have recovered by morning from whatever is bothering it so. I’ll spare you the details.

Bad with Names?

It struck me tonight that there’s a period from about 1996-2004, roughly, where there are a significant number of people I spoke with on a fairly regular basis and felt that I knew rather well. I would not, however, recognize many of their names if I saw them. But show me their email addresses and it’s instant recognition.

I’m not sure if that’s really sad or mildly amusing. I’m going to choose the latter just because it makes me feel better about myself.