Formidable Power

Quoth Rich Tramontozzi, president of the Bears of San Francisco:

“’s more of a, ‘We’re here to stay, and we’re only going to get stronger in our cohesion and in our ability to be a formidable power within the gay community.”

This is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve read all day.

Please don’t assume that I’m slighting da’ bears here. No, my slight is much more universal and is directed at anyone who can speak without irony about becoming — or even wanting to become — “a formidable power within the gay community.”

What a ridiculous notion.

Just what does one do when one is “a formidable power within the gay community?” I envision warring fetishist factions slugging it out in some student council chamber, trying to decide what this year’s uniforms will look like and who gets to be (pardon the expression) the prom queen.

Seriously, against whom would one wield “a formidable power within the gay community?” The editors of The Advocate? The publishers of PlanetOut or The bouncer at the queer bar? Some guy who won’t “friend” you on MySpace?

It all sounds a bit like an episode of “The Young and the Restless” to me. In other words, who the hell cares?

Plants and Interviews

This pair arrived just as I was being interviewed by a reporter from Supermarket News this morning. I wonder if our cohabitation anniversary will be mentioned in the article. Probably not, huh?

Come on. Admit it. This is probably the only website you’ll read all week that’s run by someone who’s been interviewed by Supermarket News. You know it’s true.

By the way, my apologies to anyone who’s tried to use my email form the past week or so. I took it offline temporariliy to thwart a robotic spammer and then forgot to put it back.

James M. Cain and Cohabitation

Funny. The weekend before Mark moved into my apartment in San Francisco, I was all excited about “Mildred Pierce” and “Double Indemnity” being on TV. As the fourth anniversary of that weekend arrives, I’m reading the novels the movies were based on.

In the next day’s entry, I mentioned how excited and happy I was. I still am.

I’m just disappointed he’s not here to experience the great weather.