Visit from James

One of the benefits of living in San Francisco is that one’s geography tends to motivate friends to visit regularly. This is a good thing. Sometimes, when a lot of these visits happen at the same time, it’s also an exhausting thing. But still good. Got me?


James is a friend of a friend…neither individual being someone I’d ever met before. Two or three years ago, this would have sounded a little odd to me, but my biases against getting to know people in “text only” format first have slowly disappeared of late. James was introduced to me by my friend Andy in London. He was here for the non-standard San Francisco vacation (“screw the cable cars…I wanna see the giant icon sculptures at Apple”). I was more than willing to assist.

How could I not love someone who wanted to spend an afternoon with me and Sarah visiting a bigger-than-life manifestation of Clarus the Dogcow? And before your correct me, yes it IS spelled with a “u”, thanks.

Other highlights included burritos at Pancho Villa, hamli and okra at Massawa, really uninspiring pizza at Sbarro (on the obligatory mall visit), and a trip to Green Apple Books. Oh, and there was a bit of drinking. And a little civil disobedience as we ignored the law and smoked actual cigarettes in actual bars. This will become a running theme as you read on.

We like James very much. He is allowed to return.