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Rae and Dawson don’t need my permission to return. They used to live here. Rae now lives in Portland. Dawson lives in a mystical far-away place called Redwood City; the distance explains why I never see him. Anyway, we all used to work together. OK…actually, to varying degrees, we STILL all work together.

We tried, as always with mixed success, to avoid talk of this loving company. We drank. We played with the juke box at Jack’s. We broke the law by smoking in Jack’s on 16th Street and by putting ashes in the ashtray which the bartender at Jack’s provided. So was SHE breaking the law too?


We ate dinner at Art’s. We didn’t smoke there. I believe that people should not smoke in restaurants. I do not share this belief about bars.

But I do love Rae and Dawson. And Rae doesn’t even smoke.