A Quinn Martin Production

Should it disturb me that the biggest excitement of my week has been the fact that Channel 20 has brought back reruns of “The Streets of San Francisco” weeknights at 3AM? And that I’m taping them and watching them in bulk this weekend?

Another TV highlight from a TV weekend: “Yours Mine and Ours” this morning on TNT. Brought back memories of this Deadhead I went out with a few times several years ago. He had an odd fascination with this movie. I never could figure out why.

Friday night’s diversion was Jim Hightower at the Plumbers’ Union Hall with Sarah, followed by a few low-impact moments in the corner bar which included an uninspiring bout of oral sex in a back corner.

Today, I’m redesigning the site. You might have noticed.

Randomly Tuesday

Still working on sprucing up the old web site…

E-mail today about Loftomania suggested that I should stop publishing such “uninformed offensive nonsense” and just leave the city if I’m so “upset” by its ongoing urban development”. Sort of proves my point about the arrogance of all my new neighbors, doesn’t it?

San Francisco: love it or leave it. Couldn’t be that I love the city enough to be concerned about it, I guess…

Frightening realization of the day: until yesterday, I’d never once heard the Maria Carey/Boys 2 Men song which was apparently the longest-running number one song in the history of Billboard Magazine. I have to say I’m not looking forward to hearing it again any time soon either.

On the list for Tuesday: installing the extra 48MB of RAM I just obtained, mailing out some invoices so I can afford to go on vacation, and trying once again to figure out just who watches “Friends” and why I have to be faced with back-t-back reruns at 7:00 every night.

RAM and Stuff

Dang…lots of new RAM is a truly magical thing…

My pet irrational annoyance of the day is the phrase “send me an email”. I’ll be quite happy to to send you some email. I ‘ll be glad to send you an email message. But I will not send you AN email. Nor will I go to the post office and send you a mail.

Just call me anal…

Still planning that Great Lakes tour of Michigan, Minnesota, and Chicago in the next few weeks. I’ve almost decided to drive there. Air travel in the 90’s is simply too much of a pain in the ass, and I love a good road trip. Anybody in Omaha or Cheyenne looking for a visit from a bouncing baby webamster? It’s been done before…

Smiley-face du jour goes to Paul in Charlotte, who’s just presented me with a free used Sun Sparcstation. My geek factor increases…

Last but not least, is anyone other than me really excited by the upcoming “All in the Family” marathon on Nick-at-Nite?

Fair’s A-Comin’

Folsom Street Fair weekend has arrived. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should leave town Saturday or just wait and flee on the actual day of the event.

Decisions, decisions…

It’s been an incredibly busy week, both at the part-time job and on the web design side of things. My apologies to everyone to whom I owe email. I’m planning to try and catch up today before the exodus and before a possible afternoon “coffee moment” with my pal Mark. I offer no guarantees though, only more apologies if I don’t succeed.

I do, however, promise to write something a little more interesting than quickie journal entries in the next few days. OK…maybe “promise” is too strong a word…

Anybody got any information on weather conditions in the Wyoming Rockies in late October and early November?

Letter from Jesus

I got a letter from Jesus in the mail today.

Actually, it wasn’t from Jesus himself. It was from a group of his close friends who were privy to the fact that he would be visiting my home in the next few days. They’ve offered me the chance to sow seeds for my eventual celestial harvest. These seeds can be sown for as little as five dollars.

All I need to do is place the enclosed purple enevlope under my pillow overnight and then return it to these nice folks in Oklahoma along with my check.

Very soon, I’m told, God will return my seed offering in a most unusual way.

They also enclosed a nice purple and gold piece of cloth. I’m not sure what it’s for. Maybe I’m supposed to use it to wipe up my seed after its sown. I usually use a Kleenex or an old towel. Could be worth a try, though. I need a change of pace.


Still planning the fall road trip to Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and points related and in between. I’ve narrowed down the dates to something in the neighborhood of 16 Oct.-4 Nov. My fantasy is that this will get me home before the weather gets really nasty, even in Wyoming.

Of course, another trip down Route 66 could be an option if the weather requires.

Current plans call a steamy replay of Vegas ’98 in Minneapolis with Erik (and without the slot machines), plus a few days each in Chicago and Detroit. I may actually arrive in town to see the old Hudson’s Department Store in downtown Detroit become rubble.

Could be a little jaunt down to Indianapolis as well.

And, just in case you were thinking of asking for a report, I didn’t go to the Folsom Street Fair Sunday. Rumor has it you can find pictures at Kweer.com. Enjoy…