The Best Way to Cure a Cold

Imagine you’re getting a cold. What are you going to do? Take the wimpy way out and stay in bed drinking lots of fluids? Or go on a boat in the middle of San Francisco Bay on a cold, wet, windy, foggy day?

Yer humble host chose the latter option. Does this qualify for me for the “tourguide of the year” award? Or should I just write an Idiot Factor column about myself? Oh well. Erik got good views of the bridge (from the underside) and I got good greens at Kelly’s. Plus it was my idea so I have only myself to blame.

So anyway, now I’m tired, I have a scratchy throat, and I’m turning my attention to Mother’s Day and other exciting May events, even though I can’t really think of any exciting May events right off hand.

Tomorrow, I may start catching up on the email, editorialize about efforts to reopen bathhouses in San Francisco, and maybe even name some of the plants. But tonight I’m going to watch cartoons and go to bed.