An Actual Enjoyable Weekend


Well, shut my mouth!

For the first time in recent memory, I went out on a Saturday night and actually had good time. Regulars will know that Saturday night (a/k/a “amateur night”) is usually my least favorite night to go out in the neighborhood, or just about anyplace else. On Saturday nights, every bar in the world is populated by drunk idiots from the ‘burbs, circuit queens from hell, etc.

Tonight was different, though. The losers must have gone someplace else for the night. I ran into friends, got cruised quite heavily on mulitiple occasions, and even had not one but two enjoyable bits of oral copulation. There’s something quite mystical about having a cute 22-year-old on his knees looking up longingly at you.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good weekend, although I spent most of it at home working on a Mother’s Day video for my mom. Yes, I am aware that today is Mother’s Day, and yes, it is going to be delivered late. Mom is comfortable with this.

Had a great Friday night with Sarah, featuring dinner at Tad’s (which may or may not be closing, but look for a review in a few days) and dessert at David’s Delicatessen. Point of interest: Harold’s International Newsstand (Geary at Taylor) may be San Francisco’s best boy-watching bet of the week on Friday nights.

And we met the San Francisco Twins! They even agreed to appear in my Mother’s Day video. San Franciscans in the know will understand what a major coup this is. I’ll explain it to the rest of you later.

And one of my design babies (in this case a re-design) went live today too. Go visit, and tell your Cruisemaster how spiffy it looks. He spent a long night uploading last night.

I’m going to bed now, before I have a chance to lose this rare good mood.