13 August 1999

Different day, different David…

So the site needed a little sex appeal and my ugly mug wasn’t providing it. Therefore I’ve decided to feature a different David on the front page for a day or so. I think he’s an improvement. Besides, he took a good number of my birthday pictures Tuesday night, so I felt I owed him.

The big question today is whether to leave town for the weekend or use my freebie pass and check out Feast on Friday night. I need to get out of town in a major way. But it might also be nice to see if there’s any hope left for San Francisco’s sex clubs in the current homogenized era.

Speaking of homogenized, does anyone else find those new Gap ads (with the vacant-eyed youngsters mumbling the lyrics to “Dress You Up” by Madonna) to be one of the creepiest things you’ve seen on TV lately? What exactly did they put in the Kool-Aid at that shoot?

Is it the same stuff they sell in all those juice bars on Castro Street?