4 April 2000

Yes, the damned banner is animated now. Yes, I was bored.

Speaking of bored (or boring), VH-1 seems to be hitting bottom in its effort to become the full-time Behind the Music Channel. No Doubt. Now really, just who the hell cares about the inside story of No Doubt ? They had one really annoying hit and then pretty much faded, much to the relief of yer humble host.

Of course, someone will disagree. Obviously. Someone at VH-1 already did.

Moving on to more important matters, I now have Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. After two unsuccessful runs, the attempt with Sarah Sunday afternoon (following High Fidelity) finally produced the goods. I am happy. I am full. I may even be a little sick. But damn, they was good.

Things I really, really hate today:

  • AT&T Cable (or more specifically, this afternoon’s lack thereof).
  • The latest round of Gap commercials which rip off West Side Story.
  • Gap commercials in general.
  • Drunk idiots who mumble and then reach out and grab you in bars.

Things I more or less like today:

  • MISCMedia
  • San Francisco pedestrians who fight back when some idiot almost runs them down in a crosswalk.
  • Having enough clean underwear to avoid the laundromat for at least two more days.

Keep your ears (and calendars) open for an exciting announcement about Saturday night, the 22nd of April…