No Phone

It was so quiet and calm here.

I hate using the phone, but I hate even more not being able to use it when I need to. For the past two days, I had no phone, no internet connection, no nothing. My front doorbell was probably the most effective way to contact me. Thanks Pacific Bell for being there when I needed you, TWO DAYS AFTER YOU FUCKED UP MY PHONE.

I’m sure my next door neighbor, who also had no phone for two days, was equally grateful. Some day soon, I’d like to think that Pacific Bell will realize it’s no longer a monopoly and start acting accordingly.

To those of you who might suggest I get a cell phone as a reserve against these little emergencies, I must reply that it seems a pretty big expenditure since I’d be too embarrassed ever to use it anywhere other than home anyway. Strolling through the Finincial District today, I realized (remembered?) that it’s damned near impossible not to look foolish walking down the street talking on the phone.

Things I’m a little embarrassed to admit enjoying today:

  • Wolfgang Puck’s Creamy Country Chicken Soup
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Things I’m not at all embarrassed to hate today:

  • Pacific Bell
  • The “layers” feature in Dreamweaver
  • Sleep deprivation