Love, Hate, and Groceries

OK, who other than me thinks the newest Pepsi One commercial is just plain stupid? I’m talking about the one with the ferry passengers who can’t tell the difference between Pepsi One and Coke as the boat tosses and turns. The tagline says something about how its “breakthrough sweetener” makes the stuff taste really close to regular cola. The way it reads, though, is “Pepsi One. Almost as good as Coke.”

No wonder they’re number two…

For your amusement today: the new edition of Did You Bring Bottles, with lots of new pictures and features. It is, no doubt, everything you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. I’ll add an annoying animated banner tomorrow.

Things I hate today:

  • Restaurants which only serve Pepsi.
  • Restaurants which only serve Pepsi and don’t at least have Dr. Pepper as an alternate.
  • The way antibiotics fuck with the digestive system.

Things I love today:

  • The Chronicle for a quarter.
  • Safeway Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.
  • My new books.