Randomly Monday

Yes, I know it’s been over a week since I wrote anything substantial, and yes, it’s been almost as long since I’ve answered any email. I promise to catch up Monday night. It’s been hectic. Really hectic. This, of course, has the twin effects of (a) giving me nothing interesting to write about and (b) leaving me no time to write about the aforementioned nothing anyhow.

The big excitement of today (other than getting a lot done, of course) was learning that Apple Jacks now have little green things in with the little pinkish-orange things. So now I know that in addition to tasting better, the Safeway brand is all one color. Interesting Sunday, huh?

Still hoping to see anyone and everyone who might show up at Thursday night’s birthday bash. In case you missed it, the time is 8PM on Thursday 10 August. The place is Tad’s Steaks on Powell near Post. Informal attire is required, and gifts are not encouraged. Vegans are welcome but may find limited food options.

Bed. Me. Now.