I think I gave notice at my evil, soul-sucking part-time job today. I’m not really sure I meant to yet; it just sort of happened, almost by accident. It’s probably for the best, but it does add a certain urgency to my quest for a career. Mainly because I probably won’t quite be able to make ends meet until I find some sort of replacement.

The preferred replacement would be a larger chunk of freelance work. Need a website? Need porn stories? Need a bitter and sometimes sarcastic columnist? I’m open to other things, although I think my age and girth have pretty much ruled out prostitution or modeling.


And no, I can’t offer insight on why I’m leaving my current job, because I’m not entirely sure if I’ve left it yet.

Plans for the weekend:

  • Eradicate this cold I seem to have caught.
  • Entertain Duncan and Rick (arriving Saturday) and maybe convince them that they need a very well-paid houseboy who can cook grits.
  • Update Bottles.
  • Have sex. Maybe even with another person. Volunteers solicited.