Randonly Tuesday


I used to trade porn via email. Now I trade pictures of old supermarkets. Thanks Rick and Wayne…

On an unrelated note, does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how best to observe the upcoming fifth anniversary of Planet SOMA? I already used my best ideas last year (reposting the whole site circa March 1996) and the year before (with the parade of front pages). It seems a little wimpy to do either of these again…

On another unrelated note, I can’t stress enough how great New Years Day is for doing laundry. I had six dryers and a whole table to myself and I was able to park right in front of the house when I got home. Heaven…

On a final unrelated note: KABL is back. No more crappy adult contemporary from 1975 mixed with doo-wop. It was a bizarre experiment. It is over. The AM band is a better place. Welcome back Louis and Ella…

Is it just me or have things been a little boring around here for the past couple of weeks? Maybe I should go back to waiting until I actually have something to SAY before babbling…

Erroneous Assumptions

PJ said: “and the really shitty part? the “gay community” is just as bad. this community that’s supposed to be about supporting diversity? augh, sorry, i’m not even going to start down that road.”

OK. I’ll start down that road instead. Who didn’t see THAT coming?

Things Sodomites and non-Sodomites (erroneously) assume about me because I like to suck dick:

  • That everything I do is somehow related to sucking dick.
  • That I will be interested in what made for TV movie happens to have a gay character this week.
  • That I really give a flying fuck whether or not any given celebrity is gay.
  • That I really want to see naked pictures of complete strangers the first time they email me (especially when they’re ugly).
  • That having a “very active gay community” or a “big gay scene” is a top consideration in where I choose to live.
  • That I am, God forbid, a “spokesperson” for the “gay community”.
  • That I believe there is such a thing as a “gay community”.
  • That I ever use the acronym “LGBTQ” in everyday conversation.
  • That I don’t laugh at people who DO use it.
  • That I ever read The Advocate or visit Planet Out.
  • That I find the statement “I never would gave guessed about you” to be a compliment (or an insult, for that matter).
  • That, by definition, I have loads of shared interests with every other Sodomite on the planet.
  • That I know about all the crappy music (movies, books, jargon, etc.) that I’m “supposed” to.

Glad to get that off my chest…

New Domain

My new domain for Bottles finally went live sometime yesterday, it seems. Took long enough. And it seems like the DNS lookup is slow too; that would mean that it takes a long time for the site first to start loading, but then everything’s OK. Is anyone else having this trouble? Does anyone else care?

Back to working on other people’s sites now…

Annoyances and Discoveries

Today’s date is dedicated to Mark.

Annoyances du jour:

  • Can anyone offer me any explanation why cluster tomatoes grown in a hothouse should cost 50-75% more in winter than they do in summer? Am I missing some crucial issue here?
  • It’s freezing in my living room, 58 at my last check. Yes, I still have no heat. No, I do not blame my landlord (whom I actually like and trust, believe it or not). It’s all but impossible to get a contractor to do anything in SF right now; they’re all too busy building live/work lofts out of stray pieces of corrugated cardboard. Ahh, San Francisco. Where it’s always “jacket weather”. Inside and out.
  • Has anyone else noticed that everything on TV (networks, cable, and independents alike) has just plain sucked for about the last month or so?

Happy discovery du jour:

Five Years of Planet SOMA

Planet SOMA was born five years ago today.


I didn’t think I’d still be working on this one little website after all this time. Or that this one little website would turn into four not so little ones. But I was wrong. And now I can’t seem to stop. Even though I probably should. Help me.

And thanks for coming by, too…

Randomly Sunday

So my friend Duncan is finally moving about 2000 miles closer to the west coast at exactly the same time I’m seriously thinking of moving back to the east coast. Bad timing again; I seem to make a habit of that. But them again, I’ve been seriously thinking of moving back east for a good year and a half with no discernible action.

Speaking of no discernible action, last night was the last straw. I’m never going out on Saturday night again. Nothing but idiots out, which might have been OK if they hadn’t all been such UNAPPEALING idiots. It is easier on the self-esteem, granted, when the problem is that you’re not interested in anyone you see rather than no one ine being interested in you. But the end result is pretty much the same.

Had lunch with Sarah yesterday; we hadn’t seen each other in months, so it was a good thing. As was the “buy one get one free” sale on Rubbermaid at Walgreen’s. That the aforementioned drug store is listed among the highlights of my Saturday should give some indication of how uneventful my life is this week.

Jury Duty II

Look for an exciting entry soon on how much jury duty bites. Or is that too obvious? I have to go back tomorrow for jury selection. As it happens, the defendant is a supermarket chain, and maybe this will get me excused. I may at least wear my Piggly Wiggly T-shirt (thanks Sarah). But if not, this one will still be better than the month-long trial I narrowly escaped…

It’s too bad life is not a TV sitcom and that I probably won’t be put up in some spiffy hotel for the duration. One with heat, for example…