Annoyances and Discoveries

Today’s date is dedicated to Mark.

Annoyances du jour:

  • Can anyone offer me any explanation why cluster tomatoes grown in a hothouse should cost 50-75% more in winter than they do in summer? Am I missing some crucial issue here?
  • It’s freezing in my living room, 58 at my last check. Yes, I still have no heat. No, I do not blame my landlord (whom I actually like and trust, believe it or not). It’s all but impossible to get a contractor to do anything in SF right now; they’re all too busy building live/work lofts out of stray pieces of corrugated cardboard. Ahh, San Francisco. Where it’s always “jacket weather”. Inside and out.
  • Has anyone else noticed that everything on TV (networks, cable, and independents alike) has just plain sucked for about the last month or so?

Happy discovery du jour: