Randomly Sunday

So my friend Duncan is finally moving about 2000 miles closer to the west coast at exactly the same time I’m seriously thinking of moving back to the east coast. Bad timing again; I seem to make a habit of that. But them again, I’ve been seriously thinking of moving back east for a good year and a half with no discernible action.

Speaking of no discernible action, last night was the last straw. I’m never going out on Saturday night again. Nothing but idiots out, which might have been OK if they hadn’t all been such UNAPPEALING idiots. It is easier on the self-esteem, granted, when the problem is that you’re not interested in anyone you see rather than no one ine being interested in you. But the end result is pretty much the same.

Had lunch with Sarah yesterday; we hadn’t seen each other in months, so it was a good thing. As was the “buy one get one free” sale on Rubbermaid at Walgreen’s. That the aforementioned drug store is listed among the highlights of my Saturday should give some indication of how uneventful my life is this week.