Gay Enough?

Another obnoxious unscientific test (courtesy of Dan). I got a 45, placing me once again in the very same boring middle I always manage to find. God knows I’d hate to be too straight or too gay. I stay awake nights worrying about it…

Bad news of the day: Hamburger Mary’s has been purchased by the guy who owns Harvey’s on Castro Street. I can scarcely imagine the potential horrors to be inflicted upon this South of Market institution in the coming months. I can only predict it will be brighter, much more “gay”, and unspeakably boring. Blecch…

Speaking of food, two people I work with have expressed surprise this week upon learning that I cook. Is that good, bad, or just a sign that I eat crap at lunch?

Other common misconceptions about yer humble host (a continuing series):

  • That I spend a significant portion of my life trolling for sex in Folsom Street sex clubs and backroom bars.
  • That I spend hours online every day (possibly doing the same thing).
  • That I’m a “bear” or that I’m “into leather”.
  • That I eat a steady diet of fast food seven days a week.
  • That I have a particularly exciting or interesting life.
  • That I will believe a piece of email is “urgent” just because it’s marked that way.

I have a headache. I will stop now…