Fun with Search Engines

Haven’t done one of these in a while. It’s always worth a chuckle or two, and it works nicely when I have absolutely nothing else interesting to write about. Here are some current bizarre searches that people have done from within Planet SOMA and The Other Stream. Keep in mind that people had to have already made it into the site before performing these searches.

The obvious missplellings are among my favorites. I’m not talking typos here. I mean repeated searches for things like “masterbate”, “masterbation”, and “masterbation free”, among others. The best this month is “los angles a place dineyland”, with “hermofidet”, “lesbean girls”, “cesa charvez” and “junipsara” receiving honorable mention.

I’m still trying to figure out if “anyl” (which pops up a lot) refers to “anal” or “amyl”.

I also love the people who think they have to type everything all run together with no spaces (“blackwomenpics”, “nudewomenpics”, “1on1sex”, “nudesex”, “sfgaydatingservice”, and “sanfranciscogaypride”). Maybe they’re just native German speakers, but you have to imagine these people spend a lot of their online hours feeling very frustrated.

People who don’t quite get the concept of where they are have entertainment value too:

  • live sex scenes with lesbians
  • asian pussy
  • brother and sister sexy gallery

An then there are the bafflers. These are just plain strange:

  • bar fluid
  • one more scoop (four searches for this)
  • 77032
  • 77325
  • giarlam
  • fark
  • brick circles in the street
  • asses sexyyyy
  • orgy thumbs
  • dogfart
  • person that found castro street

I’d really like to help te person who thought I had the universal truth about “the real secret of piltdown”, mainly so I could ask what a “piltdown” is. Maybe he or she was also the one who thought I knew the top-secret “truth about the 1980’s”.

But to the person who searched for “www.gltb”. Please note that there are no spaces in URLS, unlike in the normal English phrases mentioned above, and that addresses also work much better of you type them into your browser’s address bar rather than into a search query box.