Protesting What, Exactly?

So there are these people who have been protesting in front of the building where I work part-time. They’re apparently not happy with the property management company which runs the building for hiring a certain contractor. It’s a cute protest; they have a giant inflatable rat to symbolize “rat contractor”.

Their issues are that this contractor has no respect for labor, the community, nor people’s families. Unfortunately, they seem completely unable to tell anyone WHY they feel this way. I took one of their flyers, hoping it might shed some light on the subject and offer some specifics. It didn’t; all it said was pretty much that “they are bad and we don’t like them…waaahhhh…”

Maybe the contractor really is completely and totally evil. I’d never know from their protest and I’d be hard-pressed to care. I guess they’re operating on the assumption that passers-by will naturally be appalled by any hint of labor or human rights violations, whether backed by any specific evidence or not.

In San Francisco, where gullability rules, conspiracy theories are gospel, and critical thinking is too often an afterthought, it’s probably a pretty safe tactic…