Randomly Monday

Pretty damned good weekend: a visit from my favorite boy, I nearly tripled my DVD collection, and I have a new mouse. Yes, everything’s listed in order of priority, and the mouse is definitely at the bottom, as I haven’t decided if I like it yet or not. Dreamweaver doesn’t seem to care for it much at all…

Y’know, as a confirmed hermit, it’s really unusual for me to spend so much time with any one person. It’s even more unusual for me to find myself wishing I could spend even more time with him. I’m not sure what this means…

OK. I have a pretty good idea what it means…

Random thoughts for a Monday afternoon:

  • I need to avoid spending significant parts of two consecutive days in Berkeley; I’m stifling a significant desire to beat up some hippies right now. Yes, I turn into a reactionary right-winger every time I’m in Berkeley. Any sane person would.
  • The lack of communication skills and systems may be the single largest cause of inefficiency in corporate America today; I realized this today as five different people showed up for a training class at five different (incorrect) combinations of time and address. I had the correct time but the wrong address. My co-worker (with the same supervisor as me) had the wrong time AND address.
  • Leave it to the Examiner to present a decade-old issue as hot breaking news. Wow. Fags are doing too much speed and it’s causing problems. Who knew?
  • A new almanac is a wonderful thing.
  • Zippy is back in the Chronicle. Yay.
  • Why do so many commercially-released DVDs have such low audio levels? I’m talking REALLY low here.