Weekend in Fresno


I think it would be just about impossible to overstate how much I enjoyed this weekend and didn’t want it to end. Thanks. I’m really worn out, so I’ll just throw up some random observations for now:

  • Firsts for me. Lots of firsts. And several realizations as well. More about that later. It’s been kind of a season for realizations. And firsts.
  • Los Creepers and Fastback 69. Yay.
  • Is there ever NOT a wreck on I-580 in Livermore?
  • I have become a designated driver.
  • A really nice Mies van der Rohe book for 90 cents is a wonderful thing.
  • I’m 37 1/2 years old (as of today, which I forgot until now) and I feel about 13, except when I’m taking my pills.
  • Why yes, the left lane IS designed for passing and not for cruising along at your own pace. Thanks for noticing.
  • Should I be concerned that I’ve spent more time in a bar 180 miles from my house than in any of the ones in my neighborhood lately?
  • Dimanche Gras, anyone?
  • I think I could probably live in Baltimore if I had to.
  • If I were a mystery shopper, the Burger King in Modesto would have failed miserably tonight.
  • Fabuloso comes in FOUR colors now?

OK, that probably made no sense at all. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Right now, I’m teetering between happy, goofy, and comatose, so I’m going to bed…