Randomly Thursday

It’s turned out to be a seriously hectic week and I never quite expected that. And it may be a fairly hectic weekend too. Oh well. It will help keep my mind off where I won’t be

On the agenda:

  • Working on a new site, and maybe doing some preliminary work on another new one too.

  • Shooting a solution containing boric acid directly into my right eye. Several times.
  • Catching up on long-neglected email.
  • Laundry and severe spring cleaning.
  • A blood-letting tomorrow so that I can learn that my condition hasn’t really changed much since the last one.
  • Definitely a movie break on Saturday night.
  • Popping downstairs and smashing in some idiot’s windshield if his car alarm doesn’t shut the fuck up really soon.

Oh God. I’m Charlotte Flax from “Mermaids” too. There has to be some significance here, but since I’ve never seen the movie, I won’t take a stab at what it might be…

Which Winona Are You?

Thanks to Mark via Sarah. Or vice versa. Y’know, you two really need to meet at some point…