Seattle to SF


This was going to be a long, long day. Due to our extra day in Seattle, we were pondering the idea of driving all the way home without an overnight stop. 820 miles of freeways, mountains, Portland, Redding, and more.


Back through Washington and back through Oregon (where I finally managed to photograph the Failing Pedestrian Bridge) and back into Eugene (which may be the single whitest place on earth). When we passed from Oregon into California, Oregon thanked us once again. I love a polite state.


Long drives home after long trips are always a little depressing. You have all the work of driving with none of the fun to look forward to. Hate ’em. But I love that Mark apparently has a masochistic streak which kept me from having to do any of the actual driving. I netertained him as best I could.


By the time we hit Buz’ Crab in Redding, we were pretty much worn out. And we still had a good 3 1/2 hours left to go. But lots of fried fish offered that extra bit of strength necessary to complete the trip.


We made it home. Alive and somewhat worse for the wear. We slept. There may have been dreams of Portland and Seattle, but we were probably too tired to notice…