Four months into the year and I’m finally no longer catching myself typing “2001” every few days or so. I think this is a very good thing…

  • Many things on my mind tonight, some of them weighty and some of them less so. I’m a little worn out after yesterday’s 820-mile drive (even though I wasn’t driving) so I’m not going to try to dive into them. But I’ll offer some highlights for later inclusion. Maybe…
  • After this trip, I’m convinced that Seattle is not only a more liveable city than San Francisco, but also a more attractive one. It looks better from a distance, and now I also realize that it looks better close up.
  • Portland is no slouch either.
  • I really desperately need not to live in San Francisco anymore. And soon. I know I’ve been singing this song for a couple of years, but the music’s getting much louder lately.
  • I was a little apprehensive about traveling with a companion. I needn’t have been. It rather makes me question that vow of solitude I took many years ago.
  • This semi-annual migration to and from Daylight Savings Time is just plain stupid. Arizona and Indiana have the right idea; they never bought into it.
  • I’m rather excited about this.

Enough. Gonna go read one of my new books for a while. Trip pictures and stories may start tomorrow if I don’t have to write any rants about how things went to hell at work while I was gone…