Randomly Sunday

Mark left early to go do that Father’s Day thing. I’ve already called my dad too, and now (unless I get a little more motivated to do laundry) I have the rest of the day to ponder life. Or watch TV. After all, that “Father Knows Best” marathon is on again tonight. And you know how excited that gets me…

Weekend highlights:

  • Sister Betty’s birthday bash, where I not only got to eat miniature Krackels and windmill cookies (among my favorites) but also ran into a couple of old friends I hadn’t seen in a while, one of them a Devious Bi and one of them a Steve.
  • A seven-dollar breakfast at one of the last remaining Lyon’s, consisting of four pancakes, three eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and hash browns.
  • Dinner with Dan, Jamie, and Mark at Rocco’s on Friday night.
  • Grapes on sale for 97¢ a pound at Safeway. Yes, I’m eating some now.

And the slight down side:

  • Mild gastointestinal distress all weekend. Most likely gluttony-induced.
  • Not getting that Father’s Day present delivered on time.

And then there’s the particularly appealing fact that I got to wake up at random moments in the middle of the night seeing that boy curled up next to me and realizing it will be an every night thing before too long. But that was mushy. And I wouldn’t want Rick to lose his banana pudding on graduation day. Congratulations, by the way…

After two days of not looking at it, I’ve also decided I like my new design. If any of you hate it, all I can say is, well, too bad…

Something I really don’t understand: the appeal of all these TV documentaries trying to offer scientific substantiation of Bible stories. The faithful are going to believe the Biblical account whether or not there’s scientific evidence supporting it. And aetheists aren’t going to care how much that rock formation may resemble someone’s idea of what an ark looks like. Given that neither the believers nor the non-believers are likely to be swayed, who are they trying to convince anyway?