Mark’s Birthday Weekend


Highlights from the weekend just past:

  • Sucking face in a Japanese restuarant in Fresno while watching a bitchin’ band I like more every time.

  • Having lesbians we’d never met buy us drinks at said restaurant/bar because we were such a “cute couple”.
  • Realizing that the Wind-up Action Bender really worked and looked pretty damned cool (and being just a little peeved that it’s evidently on sale for half what I paid for it two months ago, so no link dammit).
  • The “firestarter” technique. Don’t ask.
  • Making it home from Fresno in a new personal record of two hours, twenty-six minutes AND being able to park, despite the rainbow-clad masses.
  • Cold Comfort Farm.
  • Mushy drunk talk.
  • German sausage scramble on a hangover-free Sunday morning.
  • Watching the most wonderful boy in the world hit the quarter century mark.

With Mark’s birthday out of the way, I guess it’s time to start pushing mine now. I’ll try to update the wish list shortly. And I think this year’s annual semi-public birthday gathering at Tad’s is on for Saturday 10 August at 8PM. But follow this space for further details…