Randomly Wednesday

Asinine corporate policy of the week: Walgreens now requires anyone of any age to present ID when purchasing cigarettes; cashiers even have to enter their birthdates into the register. Yes, I understand the reasoning behind it. No, I don’t believe the ends are justified by making people wait in line while a 65-year-old woman proves she’s over 18. Yes, I was in that line today. No, I didn’t feel guilty when I sat down my basket and left.

More random things on my mind today:

  • Adam Ant. Enough said.
  • The test, which I also took again today. I’m still an INTJ.
  • How we’re gonna get Mark‘s entertainment center up the narrow, winding stairway to my apartment.
  • My nagging fantasy of a bachelor party where some scantily-clad boy pops out of a giant Jello No-Bake cheesecake.