Randomly Wednesday

Today’s baffling bit of email from a Planet SOMA visitor:

i am looking for a motel that has accomodations for a couple. i am requesting that the hotel room be furnished with a large round waterbed(preferably w/satin sheets)and mirored walls and everything that it entalis.

About the only response I could come up with was “How nice for you. Hope you have a lovely time”. Really, how am I supposed to answer something like this?

Hint du jour: if you ever need to go to the emergency room in San Francisco, try St. Francis Hospital on Hyde Street. I took my boss there today and, to my amazement, found that I was the ONLY person in the waiting room. I’ve never seen such an eerily calm hospital in my life…

Chafe du jour: why were there no coasters or stickers in the new Mac we got at work yesterday like their were in the one that showed up at Mark’s office?