Academic Integrity?

I’ve written before about how so many people using the web are completely deficient when it comes to the concept of context. You know: the sort of people who type the term “cheap Disneyland motel” into a search engine, find a page which happens to include all three words, no matter how randomly, and then — without bothering to read the page they’ve found, which happens to be, say, an architecture critique — click that “contact” button and email the author asking where they can find the best deals on a motel near Disneyland. In other words, clueless idiots…

But this one takes the cake. Several University of Texas students a few years back managed to click onto one of my journal pages when they were still at Planet SOMA and determine that my site was about some drug called “soma” and my experiences using it:

This web site is the journal of a man that explores the effects of “Soma” and other such drugs. His experiences and the mindless state of mind that is the result of the drugs that he is taking are documented as well as his thoughts on whether or not it is a good thing. Explanation: This is useful because in contrast to the previous web site, he totally thinks that Hedonism & drugs in general are a good thing.

Just what website were they reading? How could anyone read anything I’ve written at this site — particularly this page (the one they linked to) — and determine that I’m some drug-crazed hedonist itching to tell the world about it? I haven’t even smoked pot in about 17 years, and I avoid users like the plague. What gives?

Some might call it “libelous”. Which is what I did when I emailed several key persons at the University of Texas this morning. No response yet…



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