New Year’s Plans

It’s New Year’s Day. Maybe now I can get more reflective. Or at least start thinking about what I’m going to do with the upcoming year. Some plans:

  • Never letting my baby forget how much I love him even if my body chemistry is throwing a fit from withdrawal symptoms.
  • Actually doing that big update at Groceteria.
  • Contemplating better jobs.
  • Keeping in better touch with my friends and family.
  • Maybe dumping a bit of excess weight.

Note that these are NOT resolutions, but ongoing goals…

CBS? Who Cares?

Y’know, aside from the local news on KPIX (which is still my third or fourth choice), my lfe would not be impacted whatsoever by not having a CBS affiliate available on the satellite. Ultimately, I couldn’t care less…

I haven’t been a regular viewer of network primetime in years. I guess it started even before I moved to San Francisco in 1992, but once I got here I was introduced to the miserable cable service which made the VHF stations (all the major network affiliates) virtually unwatchable. After a few years, I’d given up on just about everything but The Simpsons and Homicide: Lfe on the Street. As it happened, the last network dramatic series I watched with any regularity was Voyager

I haven’t sworn off the networks completely, I guess. I still watch the assorted Fox animation on Sunday nights. Other than that, though, network primetime isn’t even an issue anymore. I don’t even look at the listings, even though I now have a satellite dish and can watch all my local stations crystal clear…

That’s not to say I don’t watch TV anymore. I do. Probably to excess. It’s just more likely to be satellite channels or DVDs now. And apparently, I’m not alone…

Randomly Tuesday

Mmmm. A tasty reminder of one of those poor victims of the 1970 Cyclamate Scare. It’s strange what we remember from childhood; I couldn’t tell you who I sat next to in first grade, but I very clearly remember that I couldn’t have Funny Face (or pre-sweetened Kool-Aid) for a long time because cyclamates caused cancer…

But I was kind of a precocious kid anyway…

More random thoughts for a Tuesday evening:

Eight Years of Webness

Wow. It’s been eight years (yesterday) since this little website was born, albeit at another address. Actually, that’s not the real original address either. I shan’t elaborate, but be advised that it contained a tilde, as URLs in those days were wont to do…


Today’s spam:

From: Sharmayne Wesler (
Date: 19 January 2003



The 11th Original GLBT Expo
Serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual & Transgender Community for over a Decade?
The Same Sex Wedding Expo

  • New name to better reflect the changing community-Formerly The Int?l Gay & Lesbian Business and Entertainment Expo
  • Over 20,000 yearly attendees
  • Employment and Travel Pavilion
  • Food and drink sampling!
  • Great entertainment!

Last year?s show was a sell out. Register early!

Saturday, March 20,2004 & Sunday, March 21,2004
Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC

For more info, go to
or call 800-243-9774

Contact: Sharmayne Wesler

RDP Group 30 Tower Lane Avon, CT 06001
800-243-9774 (toll free) 860-677-6869fax

┬áToday’s thought:

Why do spammers always have such butt-ugly websites?

Things I’ve Learned

One thing I’ve learned in my 39 years: no matter how different the assorted varieties of Hamburger Helper may taste when you first cook them, they all taste exactly the same when re-heated for lunch the next day…

One thing I’ve learned about Wells Fargo since 1992: no transaction is without cost. They even charge you for NOT using your credit card…

One thing I like about the satellite: if you feel like watching Cops, there’s probably one on somewhere


Aaargghh. She’s back

I suppose ol’ Blanche is another example of the sancitity of heterosexual marriage, not to mention “family values”. Granted, she killed every husband she ever had, but she learned it from her mama. It’s comforting, isn’t it, to know that she could legally be married again — even in jail — while two men who actually love each other (and actually aren’t psychotic or prisoners) can’t do so…

Yup, that’s an institution worth preserving, all right…

To my heterosexual friends who mention impending marriage: please don’t feel too slighted if I react to your news a little like a 1950s black man whose white friend just told him about the new house he just bought in that “restricted” neighborhood on the other side of town…