What WILL I Miss?

I guess we’re really going…

A big part of the packing is done (more thanks to Mark than to me) and last night we started saying our official goodbyes by having dinner with Sarah and Brad. And I’ve hit that point where every time I visit a certain store or restaurant, I’m assuming it will probably be my final visit…

Strangely enough, I’m finding that — friends aside — most of the things I’ll miss aren’t actually IN San Francisco. That may be due to the fact that aside from work and home, I haven’t really spent that much time within the city limits for several years now. My leisure time is spent in Oakland and San Jose and even Sacramento and Fresno, and it’s these places that I think I’ll really miss. And I’ll hate not having LA nearby as well, since I’ve lately found it much more fascinating than San Francisco…

So very much of what I used to find so interesting about San Francisco either isn’t here anymore or isn’t exciting to me anymore. Most of the bars and clubs I liked are closed –or radically different than they used to be — and I don’t really care about that scene anymore anyway. Except for parts of the Richmond and the Sunset and the Outer Mission, the city has pretty much have become a boutique caricature of its former self, a theme park if you will. Of course, this was a trend which was well underway even in 1992, but it’s gotten completely out of hand now…

Some other casualties:

  • Live 105 before it turned into the land of Limp Dipshit and Korn.
  • The dogs, Jim Gabbert’s editorials, and even the KOFY call letters on channel 20.
  • That whole great neighborhood of warehouses and piers that used to be where SBC Park is now.
  • The Emporium.
  • Mike’s Night Gallery.
  • Army Street.
  • The little cafe that used to be in the building where I work and serve lasagna every Wednesday, even though they always ran out by 12:15 or so.

More to come. And all sentimental notions are, of course, subject to change…



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