The Atheist Homosexuals Who Stole Christmas

Liddy Dole’s latest campaign mailer manages to successfully display not only her  contempt for those who don’t meet her religious specifications, but also her distaste for all those godless homosexual scoutmasters who primarily get involved so they can molest little Billy or Bobby. While simultaneously stealing Christmas, of course. It’s a pity she couldn’t score the trifecta and somehow sneak gun control into the message as well. Maybe something about how all those scoutmasters want to keep nine-year-old boys unarmed so they won’t be able to fight off atheist homosexual predators?

4 thoughts on “The Atheist Homosexuals Who Stole Christmas

  1. Well, it was very nice of her to send us that so that we know Kay Hagan is our girl! You wouldn;t think she’d want to provide such a service to the opposition… I guess it’s just her sense of Christian charity trying to help poor Kay?

  2. I went to the Godless Americans PAC website referenced above, and it hasn’t been updated in a year. The most recent “news” was from 2006. If an organization that’s this disorganized can seriously undermine North Carolina’s values, we’re in big trouble. And it’s a shame, because as a vile, godless sodomite, I really wanted there to be something interesting there. Alas…

  3. Even though Berkeley cranks like the tree sitters and Code Pink make me think they will turn me into a Log Cabin Republican, stuff like this reminds me that will never happen.

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