A Cold and the Fair

Somehow I managed to pick up the raging cold of death this week. Mark had a less intensive version of it first, but I think I got the full-strength edition. It started on Tuesday with a sore throat. By Wednesday morning, I sounded like Brenda Vacarro on steroids, but I felt a lot better by nightfall. It came back on Thursday and Friday, though. It didn’t help that I was alos having lots of trouble sleeping. I’m still not sure whether I felt so bad because I couldn’t sleep or I couldn’t sleep because I felt so bad. Either way, I felt like shit and I was really sleepy.

I think it may finally be ending soon. But I tought that on Wednesday, too.

Anyway, I have lots of exciting reading to do on archival theory, but I just wanted to take a second to put these exciting photos from the fair last week, because I know you’d hate to miss the special librarian cake and the pig races: