I’m Glad I Waited

Apparently, early voting was not the way to go this year. On average, it seems to have resulted in about an hour’s wait. Based on these reports, I gambled…and won. The whole process took me about six minutes this morning. And it turned out one of my neighbors is a poll worker. That made me feel strangely local and at home.

2 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Waited

  1. I’ve heard varying reports about the lengths of the poll lines here in Atlanta – anywhere from 10 minutes to 2+ hours. I was just as happy to send in an absentee ballot and not mess with the whole thing. I can still vote in person for the off-year elections and primaries, but otherwise I’ll be using absentee voting for any election where I think there might be a big wait.

  2. Unfortunately, you apparently have to prove that you’ll be suffering from rigor mortis on election day before they’ll let you vote absentee in North Carolina. That’s one thing that’s much easier in California.

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