Pittsburgh, Day Two

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We knew it was going to snow while we were in Pittsburgh and today was the day. There wasn’t really very much–an inch or two at most–but it kept stopping and starting all day. And it was cold.

We started out the day at Lindos on the Northside. We probably would have eaten there yesterday when the food panic hit, but they close at 3. After breakfast, it was off to Oakland to tour the assorted used bookstores off Forbes and Craig Streets near the universities. I really liked Caliban and Mark preferred Townsend. Across the street, I got to visit not just any Carnegie Library, but the Carnegie Library. That was kind of cool.

We made our way up to Mt. Washington and parked in the snow so we could take the incline down to Carson Street. This was our day for strolling and transit (and for finding that a lot of the places we wanted to go were closed early on New Year’s Eve). We had lunch at a pleasantly warm gyro place.

Dinner (yes, it’s all about the food) was at India Garden, which was offering a special New Year’s Eve buffet. My digestive system was very happy to have been reintroduced to vegetables at this point.

We brought in the New Year here atop the Fort Duquesne Bridge (on the pedestrian walkway, not in the car) and then strolled down to the Point. It was quite beautiful and inspiring. And freezing cold. We were apparently on the wrong side of downtown for the fireworks, but that wasn’t  a  big problem.