The high school friends people I barely knew and didn’t really like in high school have been coming out of the woodwork and accosting me on Facebook of late. I don’t really do Facebook; I find it rather annoying, and I keep my account open mostly for school purposes and because I’ve occasionally been contacted by old friends I actually did want to hear from again. But I’m thinking of pulling down my high school affiliation because there’s pretty much no one from those days that I ever want to hear from again.


On a completely unrelated note, it was a beautifully cold, gray, rainy day today, and I noticed this view out my window at work. The photo doesn’t really capture it at all, but the combination of the rooftop, the smokestack/chimney thing in the background (that you can’t really see), and the overall gloom sort of gave this really enticing Dickensian London feel.

Again, the photo doesn’t really capture it. maybe I should’ve skipped it. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Scary

  1. I held off on Facebook after the horror of MySpace which seems to be designed by people who would probably also have everything they owned scattered on the front lawn. My problem with Facebook is that I try to connect there with “professional” contacts, and I have to make sure I don’t comment on X-rated status updates from friends since EVERYONE will see my comment.

    That photo is above is an image of a perfect day to me. Last night I went to see “Scott Walker: 30th Century Man” and was struck by how he gravitated to the gloom and overcast weather of England. I’ve often said that I want to retire in Greenland.

  2. Oh, *that* kind of perfect day. I like them too, though living in western Oregon, I sort of tend to take them for granted. Especially in winter.

    I remember when as a teen living in the Southwest, I was always disappointed when storms ended so soon.

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