Snow in March


My only complaint about the past twenty-four hours is the fact that we had to spend about eight of those hours without power, making the house a trifle chilly first thing this morning. But kudos to Duke Power for being fast on the repairs.

Sadly enough, this is the first decent snowfall we’ve seen since moving east almost four years ago. And at five inches, this really wasn’t all that major, despite all the media hype. I seem to remember a storm like this at least once a year when I was a kid, but to hear people discussing it on the news, you’d think it was the biggest snowstorm ever to hit North Carolina.





One thing is for sure, though. It’s going to be pretty damned cold tonight:


2 thoughts on “Snow in March

  1. Sorry you lost power, that sucks! My first year in Atlanta, we had a severe ice storm, and our power was out for a week. It was SO cold. I questioned why I’d moved East quite a bit that week. I enjoy the weather, though – especially when it melts off quickly like it did in this storm!

    Your pics are great, btw!

  2. Thanks. It’s so unusual to get a chance to take snow pictures with bright blue skies in the background.

    Some of the show is actually still lingering around herem, but I think tomorrow will pretty much be the end for it.

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