A Saturday Afternoon in Winston-Salem


It’s one of those peculiarly southern things: a week-old pile of snow in a shopping center parking lot with a sign in the background showing the temperature to be a fairly steamy eighty degrees.

In other news:

  • Richard Florida is still an ass.
  • Yer humble host has landed himself a very nice internship starting in May. If it’s a named internship, it looks better on a résumé, right?
  • Yes, I probably am way too old to be getting all excited about internships, but still…
  • Apparently, we live in one of the only houses in America that has increased over six percent in value since 2006, or at least so sayeth the tax assessor. And I thought it was a buyers’ market.

Anyway, since I promised you Winston-Salem in the title and really only delivered in the first paragraph, here’s an otherwise unrelated photo of what used to be our train station, surrounded by lots of dead kudzu:


3 thoughts on “A Saturday Afternoon in Winston-Salem

  1. You should fight the property tax assessment if the actual sales prices in your area have not gone up (or have dropped). Counties/municipalities are hurting for money so they raise everyone’s assessment every few years, but will usually drop or reduce the assessment if you complain.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

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