Weird Technical Issue

So here’s a question for all you networking types.

For the second time in two months or so, I am no longer able to access one of my client sites via HTTP. The connection to their webserver constantly times out. I can access it via FTP, and I’m not having trouble accessing any other sites. Plus, no one else seems to be having trouble accessing the site at all. The problem is not specific to my computer, but it does seem to be specific to my home network. I can access the site on my laptop from other places.

A traceroute shows that all traffic stops at one specific point (the IP address is, in case you care, which is apparently an IP address that isn’t supposed to show up in traceroutes). That was the case two months ago as well, but it was a different IP address that time (and not a weird one like this time). As a side note, there have been other odd problems with the company that hosts the site.

The first time it happened, about two months ago, it just seemed to rectify itself after about five or six days.

My questions are thus:

  1. Why am I the only one having trouble accessing this site?
  2. Why can I access it via FTP but not via HTTP, both of which involve the same IP address?
  3. Why has it now happened to me twice?

Note: I’m not listing the site in question because I don’t want to broadcast it here, and because it’s irrelevant to most of you (because like everyone else, you’ll have no trouble accessing it). But if any superheroes need it, I’ll send documentation including traceroutes.