Friday Morning

It’s off to Pittsburgh this afternoon to meet my hubby for a weekend of random yet targeted exploration.

As of about midnight last night, I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to make it. First, there was car trouble starting on Tuesday. That’s not yet resolved, so I’ll be taking Mark’s Oldsmobile rather than my Buick (yeah, we’re geezers…). Then, my Thursday resulted in a veritable flood of last minute work that made it seem almost as if there were a conspiracy to keep me in Winston-Salem and in front of my computer for about four days straight. But I got past it and had some lucky breaks this morning, so things are now looking good for an early afternoon departure.

Otherwise, it was a very good Thursday, which brought some potentially very good news, about which I shan’t elaborate at this time. Not only that, but they weren’t out of anything at the Elliott Center salad bar at lunch, which is a minor miracle. And I got to spend most of the day getting paid to look at old newspapers. So I shouldn’t complain. Not that that’s ever stopped me before…