OK, so…

I was being all coy Sunday and earlier today and no one seems to be biting, so I’ll spill it. The thing I did Sunday was make an offer on that cute little house. Said offer was accepted on Monday, which means that yer humble host and his husband are on the way to owning a second home — an urban vacation oasis, if you will — in one of my (our) favorite cities for a surprisingly low price.

I was hoping there might at least be a little speculation, what with the clues and everything. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “OK, so…

  1. So, I was going to speculate and say congrats … but you’re husband had a lengthy entry about adding another city to his transcontinental commute. So, it was kinda easy to guess the final outcome. (g)

    But still, congrats … and it is an adorable house. Although I might have chosen a more exotic locale for my vacation oasis, but to each his own.

    But I did go out on youtube and their are plenty of videos of the Pitt Tunnel entrance into the city … and that was kinda cool.

    When’s the big housewarming party?

    Just wonderin-

  2. Well, I was wondering when I saw you show the picture of the cute townhome right after saying you’d just made a big decision – but I am the patient type. I’d definitely be interested in hearing the long-form story, though.

  3. I would have never guessed. But, then I’m highly involved in my own move, from Germany to Kentucky.

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