8 thoughts on “12 Inches of Happiness

  1. Not to brag, but I actually have three. While much of their use is for conversion to MP3s, sometimes I wish that everything would go analog.

  2. Believe or not, they’re actually selling turntables again, some even that can be hooked-up by usb to your computer, and complete stand alone systems that can also play your i-pod or other portable music playing device.

  3. To Molly Z: Um, yes, I am amused and pleased by the trend toward people buying vinyl again. Was there something ambiguous when I said it the first time?

  4. Yes, I asked *why* you (or anyone) would find the trend “amusing.” By the way, your post states that you were “amused,” not that you were pleased.

  5. MZ, maybe I just do it to annoy people who spend their time trolling the internet arguing about semantics and looking for things to be offended by. What exactly did you think I meant, anyway, given that I started the post by mentioning I owned two turntables? Did you think I was suggesting that vinyl was a bad thing? Obviously you haven’t been paying attention…

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