So I’m a little obsessed with the panoramic feature on my new digital camera. I know everyone else was probably bored with it three years ago, but it’s pretty cool for those of us whose favorite things to shoot are streetscapes (and who don’t mind a slightly surreal perspective). The “stitching” is obviously not perfect, but still…

Out my front door:


Tate Street near UNCG:



Greene Street and Carolina Theatre, downtown Greensboro:


5 thoughts on “Panorama

  1. That is a cool feature. What camera is that? I’d like to know for reference when I stupidly drop my current one and have to replace it the way I seem to do once every 18 months.

  2. It’s a Kodak Z1485. Not terribly expensive, but it does offer things like manual focus and manual exposure, high ISO, etc. It wouldn’t satisfy a pro, but I like it; it balances my desire for quality and a certain level of control against my need not to be carrying around a bulky $500 camera I’m scared to use in the real world.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I’m with you on wanting something that is serviceable and not so grand you fear taking it out of the house.

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