Sorry, but…


I’m way too tired, hot, sticky, and sunburned to compose actual sentences. At 11PM, it’s still 23° (although I saw 27° downtown) with 85% humidity. I would choose the nastiest heatwave of the summer for my visit, wouldn’t I?

Would it be an oversimplification to suggest that Canada is like the US with more attractive money and less bullshit?

5 thoughts on “Sorry, but…

  1. Don’t forget queer civil rights, health care, natural resources commensurate with population, positive budget and trade balances, straightforward immigration, and a lack of aspirations for world domination.

  2. Ah, Toronto. I’ve only been there once, for a day, and I really would like to make a return visit some time.

    I really didn’t know what to expect on that first visit, and was surprised at how much more of a countercultural vibe Toronto has than any og the big US cities that are comparably far east. Feels more like the West Coast in that regard. I had the good fortune of visiting in 2002 when the Canadian dollar was at an all-time low and kept feeling a little guilty at how little I was paying for everything.

    No, you’re not the only one to find it odd that seemingly everything in Canada is on the metric system except the produce section of the grocery stores. I’ll bet there’s an interesting story behind that oddity.

  3. Coincidentally, my very first visit to Toronto was thirty years ago this past weekend. I didn’t do anything quite as interesting as you that first time. I was only fifteen, after all…

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