Randomly Wednesday

First time in days I’ve had a chance to do some reading:

  • My neighborhood library branch in Pittsburgh is closing. It’s the oldest Carnegie Library branch in the city and has somehow managed to survive for 111 years,  and it’s a rather amazing space. I’m not happy.
  • Google Street View has finally covered Toronto.
  • On Jewish delis.
  • Anyone for a wedding on the steps of the Capitol?

Today might be my last weekday at home for quite some time. I’m torn between trying to get ahead on schoolwork and sitting on my ass watching movies all day. Of course, there are lots of other things I need to do, so it won’t be a day of pure sloth (or academics, should I choose that route) anyway.

One thought on “Randomly Wednesday

  1. I have a suspicion this was just “step one” in a negotiation with various stakeholders to ‘sound the alarm’. Since they say the closure will be Feb or later, there is plenty of time to “find” funding to keep it open…

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