A Little More Rubbing Alcohol, Please…

A sign of the times: Now it’s R.I.P. for JFG:

“Charlotte is a place that seems to have systematically removed any evidence it existed more than 15 minutes ago,” he said Sunday after learning the sign was coming down. “It’s good to keep some old things around to remind us how people have worked to create a city.”

Hanchett, by the way, is author of this book, one of the best books on southern urban history I’ve ever read. And he’s exactly right; this is just the latest predictable step in Charlotte’s seemingly endless quest to become the most bland and sterile city in the entire southeastern United States.


A Little More Rubbing Alcohol, Please… — 1 Comment

  1. I actually just read this and was gonna do a post…so sad…but it was actually JFG deciding not to renew it’s lease with Adams Advertising, not the city. I When they took the sign down to build I-277, it was in too bad of shape to put it up in the new spot so it’s actually just a replica….no blinking lights, Charlotte zoning you know…