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If you’re reading this on your phone, you’re probably having a much easier time of it today. Assuming, that is, that you’re one of those two or three people who still bother at all.

I’m curious about whether most of the “regulars” keep up by RSS feed (using Google Reader, live bookmarks, or whatever) or by just dropping in from time to time. I can’t imagine doing it the old-fashioned way anymore, but I know some people still do. Anyone care to comment?

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  1. I use RSS feed, and was really happy when you switched to WordPress. Otherwise, I’d just check in every month or so. I only see a little blurb in my reader, though, so I still have to come to your site to read the full post!

  2. The truncation is by design, as you probably realize, but I’m re-thinking it. It’s not like I need to drive page counts at Otherstream to please advertisers…

  3. visiting the site, usually once a week or so. That’s been my way since the days of PlanetSOMA.

  4. I visit the site. I’m just too damn lazy to bother with RSS, and it’s not that I regularly visit enough blogs for it to be worthwhile messing with anyhow.

  5. I have to say I’m a little surprised. I’m big on RSS in general now, so maybe I’m a little biased, but it really makes life much easier for me. I use it now just for blogs but for all the assorted newspaper and professional sites I read, and even to keep up with several people’s flickr albums, etc. It pretty much means I only have to go one place to find out what’s been updated on all the sites I follow.

    And I must admit that sites without RSS feeds get much less attention from me now (some I’ve stopped following completely, just because I tend to forget about them.)

  6. First time commenter- long time lurker. I have been following your blog since 7/96, in the PlanetSOMA ages.I stop by your site each week for each episode of “As the New Librarian Turns.” You’re sweet.

  7. I visit the site every so often. I really loved site when I first stumbled upon it in 2000. But just as content now just to visit every so often through my bookmark. I have never really embraced RSS or anything like it.

  8. Google Reader using the Better GReader add-on in Firefox; so I get the benefit of seeing your actual content inline.

  9. have read since the late 90’s.
    always interesting to a point.
    though i don’t always agree, but that’s why I keep on reading.
    am in palm springs.

  10. I visit the site about once every four months or so, just to see what’s up. I’ve also been around since PlanetSOMA…you are pretty incredible. So glad to have you back in NC, at least part of the time.

  11. Thanks again to all. I’m still surprised about the lack of devotion to RSS, though. I based several papers in grad school on what a great it is, so maybe I should revisit that…

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