No More Cable

Six months after I cancelled it, the cable was finally disconnected today. No more TCM. No more Toronto real estate porn on HGTV. No more “ALF” reruns on WGN. It’s going to be strange; I’ve pretty much always had cable or satellite. But it’s ridiculously expensive and most of the programming flat out sucks, so it’s hard to justify paying the premium.

Since I got out of the network primetime habit over ten years ago (thanks to the lousy cable in San Francisco, ironically enough), I guess this means I pretty much won’t be watching TV at all anymore.

That’s probably not a bad thing, but it will be an adjustment all the same. It comes just as I enter my last week as a graduate student, so I won’t really have time to miss it for a while, anyway. Next week, when I only have one and a quarter full-time jobs rather than the two I currently have, I’m sure I’ll be able to fill all that extra free time somehow.