Farewell to the Double Naughts

After reading one too many end of the year retrospectives telling me how much the past decade has sucked, I decided today to close out the 2000s by stating that all in all they were a pretty damned good ten years for me. There were really low points, to be sure. But this was the decade that I met–and decided to spend the rest of my life with–the most wonderful boy in the world and it was the decade in which I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. Those are pretty major things, and I think they at least help minimize the negatives: the assorted health issues, that long period of unemployment and the resulting depression, and those 401-K losses.

My biggest regret as I enter 2010 is all the time Mark and I have had to spend apart for the past few years. In fact, as I type this, we’re spending our first New Year’s apart since we met. We’ll have to do something about that soon.

That said, happy New Year, and thanks for hanging out for another twelve months. I’m signing off now because I have an iPhone date in a few minutes.